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GigaScience´s Impact Factor

Even though the editors of GigaScience don’t like Impact Factors (and I agree with them), GigaScience has received a very high Impact Factor, 7.46. I’m quite happy since we published a paper in GigaScience last year, Enhanced reproducibility of SADI web service workflows with Galaxy and Docker.

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Special Issue on Linked Data for Health Care and the Life Sciences

I’m one of the guest editors (With Michel Dumontier and Jesualdo Tomás Fernández Breis) of the Semantic Web Journal‘s Special Issue on Linked Data for Health Care and the Life Sciences. Please, submit your best paper!

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Paper accepted at SWAT4LS

Our paper entitled “OPPL-Galaxy: Enhancing ontology exploitation in Galaxy with OPPL” has been accepted at SWAT4LS (First talk!). I will also help Simon with the Populous-OPPL tutorial.

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Ontology Pre Processor Language for Galaxy

I have just released the first version of OPPL Galaxy, a wrapper of OPPL for the Galaxy platform. OPPL is an scripting language for manipulating ontologies; Galaxy is a platform for executing Bioinformatics workflows. Since ontologies are an important part of data analysis in Bioinformatics, it made sense to adapt OPPL to Galaxy. Plus it was really easy 😉

You can find it in the Galaxy Tool Shed, under Ontology Manipulation.

OPPL Galaxy is built on top of OPPL API, OWL API and Pellet. Thanks to all of them!

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Terp syntax

Terp, part of pellet, can be used to perform SPARQL-like queries against OWL ontologies using the right OWL syntax (Not based in triples). Nice.

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OWLed 2011

OWLed 2011 will be co-located with SemtTech 2011, in San Francisco, California.

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